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Emissions standards save us all money

Gas prices are starting to shoot back up in time for summer driving season, but EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Acting Administrator Heidi King, and the Trump administration are working to make the situation worse by reversing America’s clean cars standards, which insulate Americans from roller-coaster gas prices.

Rolling back these standards would cost New Hampshire families, making their cars, trucks and SUVs more expensive to drive, while leading to worsening climate change by pumping more dangerous carbon pollution into our air.

The vast majority of Americans support these standards. It saves money after all. Imagine owning a car that saves you $5,700 on gas over its lifetime, or $8,200 for a truck — that’s the promise of clean car standards if we keep them in place. This matters the most to New Hampshire residents who are working hard to make ends meet.

We need the clean car standards. Pruitt, Trump and King should stop putting the interests of corporate polluters and auto-industry lobbyists ahead of protecting Americans’ health, safety and hard-earned paychecks. If they succeed in rolling back these standards, New Hampshire families like mine, who need those savings, will pay the price.

Eddie Gomez

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