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ECHO Action represented at national pipeline safety conference in New Orleans in November



Each year since 2006, the Pipeline Safety Trust has hosted unique pipeline safety conferences. Attendees come from diverse backgrounds and interests ranging from directly impacted public to the pipeline industry and government regulators. The conference brings them together to discuss barriers to safer pipelines.

Through a collaborative approach, the Trust promotes better understanding and trust between these groups, so they can all move forward together with the mutual goal of making pipelines as safe as possible.

Stephanie Scherr, Director of ECHO Action & NH Pipeline Resistance will be attending this year’s conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 1st and 2nd at the Hotel Monteleone.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Pipeline Safety: Moving Forward, Holding Steady or Slipping Back?” Sessions include pending changes to pipeline safety procedures, major causes of significant incidents, preventing failures and the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Scherr was a vocal opponent of the Kinder Morgan-Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline that was slated to be built in Southern NH, but was withdrawn in May of 2016. ECHO Action opposed the closure of the Concord Steam biofuel plant and the transition of the State House and City of Concord to fracked gas. The organization is now engaged in active opposition to gas expansion in Keene.

Just days before the conference, ECHO Action is sponsoring “Light Up The Night” in Keene on October 27th beginning at 6:30 PM. A procession of climate action advocates with neon glow sticks will walk from Ashuelot River Park to Central Square. A rally for climate action with lighted signs will follow at Central Square at 7:00 PM. This will be the first in a series of events to raise awareness in Keene about fracked gas expansion, highlighting the need to transition immediately to renewable energy. The public, organizations and businesses who support renewable energy are encouraged to attend.

“ECHO Action was formed because we knew that “no pipeline” was not enough of a response to gas expansion, we needed to say yes to a renewable energy future. The safest pipelines are those that are never built”, says Scherr.

She explains that the overarching theme of the organization’s work is a Fossil Free 603, the organization’s mantra and hashtag.

“A transition to 100% renewable energy is a wise decision that protects our air, water and food, does not increase the emission of greenhouse gases, and allows for New Hampshire to make more significant progress on climate. The transition will showcase the Granite State as embracing innovation that will draw new business and help retain youth looking for communities with their future in mind, including increasing public transportation and EV recharging stations.”

With the EPA failing to stop unlimited dumping of fracking waste into the Gulf of Mexico, and an oil platform explosion this week on Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana, addressing the safety of the fossil fuel industry and the waste water produced, couldn’t be more timely.


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