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ECHO Action joined 350NH at the "Under The Sea" themed Portsmouth Halloween Parade

350NH & ECHO Action marched in Portsmouth on Halloween to raise awareness about offshore wind, climate change, rising tides and well, for the fun of it!

Climate activists marched in the "Under The Sea" themed Portsmouth Halloween Parade following the Leftist Marching Band who were decked out in "Little Mermaid" themed hats and costumes while belting out "Under The Sea" and other fun songs such as "Sweet Dreams" that were danced to and sung out loud with.

About fifteen 350NH members carried signs about climate change and rising tides. ECHO Action carried a large humpback whale in water with the words, "Over The Sea" and "Offshore Wind". The activists continue to spread the word about the huge energy potential in offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine.

In August, a group met with Governor Hassan's staff to share information, images and technical details and ask for her to request a federal task force to study wind in the Gulf of Maine. To date, she has not responded. Efforts will continue after the election with the newly elected Governor.

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