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"Do you support fracking? Clinton vs. Sanders

In a struggle that goes on and on and on, the two candidates finally had fracking addressed during a public debate on March 6th in Michigan. Their answers, like night and day, reflect positions on so many other issues including health insurance, Wall Street, and the power of government in our lives.

Why is it important to support a nationwide ban on fracking? Fracking is a damaging practice that forces fresh, potable water full of toxic chemicals (some known, some are trade secrets even the U.S. government doesn't know) into the ground to force methane gas or oil out of fissures deep within the earth.

The toxic soup is removed (not all can be extracted) and carted off. This fracking wastewater can be spilled or get into ground water contaminating drinking water for humans and wildlife, rivers, lakes and streams.

During the fracking process, during transportation and through leaky pipelines, and leaks that cannot be controlled, methane is released into the atmosphere increasing global warming.

While we have been warned to keep the Earth at no greater than 2º of increased temperature, massive leaks like Porter Ranch in California, put us all at risk.

There is so much to risk and little to gain. There is no reason to continue fracking. We have a strong, viable, booming industry in renewable energy. Americans should follow the lead of other nations and move to renewables now, today. It's time to transition those dirty, unhealthy, unsafe, outdated technology jobs in the fossil fuel industry to clean, energy-efficient, safer green jobs that will support of the future our economy, our citizens and our environment.


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