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Did Liberty Utilities invent a magical gas with 12% less CO2 than methane?

Pat Martin has done it again. First she determined that it could take up to 73 years to get a return on the massive LNG tank in Epping. Now it appears she's debunked another one of Liberty Utilities' alternative "facts".

Liberty's Granite Bridge website claims natural gas (methane) emits 35% less CO2 (carbon dioxide) than oil when combusted. In fact, using data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (, it's closer to 27%.

Oh, that Liberty Utilities! I wonder if they cheat at cards. Regardless, one has to wonder why, if gas is going to benefit us (it's not), do they keep fudging the numbers?

Is Liberty Utilities playing fast and loose with the numbers? If we're wrong, they can provide us with the numbers they're using any time they're ready. How about now?

Read Pat's Letter to the Editor below and then read more of her comments submitted to the Public Utilities Commission on the PUC docket.

Visit our Granite Bridge Pipeline page to learn more, view an interactive map of the pipeline route and read other Letters to the Editor about the pipeline and LNG tank.

Do you have questions for Liberty Utilities? They have a public open house in Manchester this Tuesday night! ECHO Action will have representatives outside the event, ready to answer your questions and provide you with a list of questions to ask of Liberty's representatives. Visit us first!

Dear Editor,

On the website Liberty Utilities informs the public that one of the benefits of converting from oil heat to natural gas is a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions. If you do the math and subtract 35% of the CO2 emissions for oil heat (56.4) from the total (161.3), you get 104.8 pounds of CO2 emitted per million British Thermal Units (BTU).

I checked the website and the CO2 emissions for natural gas are listed as 117 pounds of CO2 per million BTU burned.

Where does Liberty get this “magic” natural gas that emits 12% less CO2 than the gas listed on the website? They owe it to mankind to share this discovery!

If they made a mistake in math or logic, they should update their website immediately. As far as I know, math and science still matter in New Hampshire.


Patricia Martin

Rindge NH


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