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Democratic candidates for Governor of NH must be stronger climate advocates

Gubernatorial candidates Senator Dan Feltes and Executive Councilor Andru Volinksky must have stronger climate policy.

Senator Feltes’ no-position position that he’ll let the SEC decide if NH needs more toxic, climate-devastating methane gas is shocking, reckless and a direct threat to our health, safety and economy.

Councilor Volinksky opposed the NED pipeline, then went silent. A year ago he refused to discuss Granite Bridge pipeline and had no position until running for Governor. He recently stated “he never supported it”, a popular response from those who don’t oppose projects.

While NH’s State Senators support expanding renewable energy in one way or another, they are united in refusing to actively oppose Granite Bridge pipeline and methane fossil fuel fracked gas expansion.

The Granite State needs bold, knowledgeable leaders who will stand up and speak truth. Democratic fear of Trump and Sununu is breeding more weakness, not the powerful leadership we need.

Candidates must stop using Liberty Utilities’ greenwashed talking points, and learn the science from people who won’t profit from the decision. Candidates, it’s not about you. It’s about the future of a state that thrives on a tourism economy and whose youth are moving to clean energy states.

We can no longer be appeased by simply saying no to Granite Bridge. Demand a moratorium on all fossil fuel expansion and support HB 1635 to require PreK-12 climate education so that NH’s youth will be ready for the climate-changed world and economy we must prepare for now.

Stephanie Scherr



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