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Comment to the PUC now - deny Liberty Utilities franchise, require community input

Comments are needed immediately on docket # DG 17-068

Liberty Utilities (EnergyNorth Natural Gas) Corp. d/b/a Liberty Utilities - Keene Division, Petition for Declaratory Ruling

* Details on letter writing are below.


Declare your opposition to Liberty Utilities expanding gas service throughout New Hampshire, including into Keene, Concord, Pelham, Lebanon, etc. send a comment demanding that they not be granted a franchise for Keene without public input.

It is also essential that you comment on Governor Sununu's 10 Year Energy Strategy. We understand that legislators and environmental organizations are unaware of this new effort to revise the 10 year energy plan that was last written in 2014.

We are concerned that these changes will make it easier for gas pipeline expansion in the Granite State, something Governor Sununu has been vocal about supporting.

The PUC’s rules require the commission to treat the petition for a declaratory ruling as a contested case, which means an order of notice and all of the other usual procedural formalities.  Here’s the applicable rule:

PUC 207.01 Declaratory Rulings

(a) A person seeking a declaratory ruling on any matter within the jurisdiction of the commission shall request such ruling by submitting a petition pursuant to Puc 203.

(b) Such a petition shall be verified under oath or affirmation by an authorized representative of the petitioner with knowledge of the relevant facts.

(c) The commission shall dismiss a petition for declaratory ruling that:

(1) Fails to set forth factual allegations that are definite and concrete;

(2) Involves a hypothetical situation or otherwise seeks advice as to how the commission would decide a future case; or

(3) Does not implicate the legal rights or responsibilities of the petitioner; or

(4) Is not within the commission’s jurisdiction.

(d) Except for a petition dismissed pursuant to subsection (c), the commission shall conduct an adjudicative proceeding on a petition for declaratory ruling in accordance with Puc 203."


You may use Pat Martin's letter or any other listed under "Comments".


(Put the docket # in the subject area.)

*If the email above does not work, try:


Debra Howland Executive Director and Secretary

New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission

21 South Fruit Street, Suite 10

Concord New Hampshire 03301


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