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Cleaning Up New Hampshire's Contaminated Water

We strongly recommend that all of our supporters listen to this show as we all drink the water! Thank you to Representative Jim McConnell for calling in to the show.

"Last spring, the chemical PFOA was found in unusually high levels in wells in Southern New Hampshire, and, before that, on the Seacoast. Since then, the state has allocated millions to study and fix these sites, but critics worry the guidelines for contaminated water, and the work being done, aren't enough.


  • Dr. Benjamin Chan - State epidemiologist at the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services, and also an infectious disease physician.

  • Emily Corwin - Reporter for NHPR. She has covered the water contamination across the state. See links to her stories below.

  • Clark Friese - Assistant Commissioner at the N.H. Department of Environmental Services.

  • Mindy Messmer - Democratic State Representative for Rye and Newcastle. She is on the Health and Human Services Committee.

  • Sarah Vose - State toxicologist for the Vermont Department of Health.



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