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Civil Disobedience Training Accomplished!

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all those who attended the extensive 8 hour training in civil disobedience actions today at the Winchester Town Hall.

Court and Sandra, our excellent instructors, shared history, how to plan for and come to consensus in preparing for actions, to expect the unexpected, work together, important roles to be played, to protect and support each other, be alert and aware, what to do during actions and role playing of various situations including likely scenarios in a courtroom after an arrest. It was a great experience.

Many of us have been busy activists in the past two years. We're ready to continue with our work participating in larger actions for climate action, to end our dependency upon fossil fuels, for health, safety, clean air and water and democracy. It's a great time to be alive, active and involved in positive actions for our future! We move forward with our new skills on Saturday, May 14th at a large regional Northeast action for Break Free Albany - Stop The Oil Bomb Trains with our friends at and many other organizations.


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