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Children's Climate Quilt gives kids a creative forum for climate concerns

"Working with children, I am often inspired by how easy they find solutions to the problems we face in this world. To them, it's easy as stop using products that are harmful to the environment. Check out some of the wonderful artwork.

So excited to have another wonderful artist Yumiko Ito and group of students joining this project this month!"

Danielle Baudrand, founder of "Empowerment: The Children's Climate Quilt Project" and the NH Plastic Pollution Alliance uses art to give youth a creative outlet for their climate concerns.

Most messages are positive, full of hope, pleading for action.

Baudrand recently brought one of her climate quilts to a Keene City Council meeting, sharing it with councilors before the meeting began. Their interest was genuine and supportive.

Children attend an art workshop, learn about climate and plastic pollution and create a message which is bound together by threads of plastic bags.

When children are given the opportunity to be a part of the discussion, their voices are a reminder of why climate, pollution, health, safety and wellness are at the forefront of our decision making process.

Empowerment: The Children's Climate Quilt Project can be found on Facebook.

ECHO Action is looking to extend its reach to youth with more programs and opportunities to meld science and the arts in the fall of 2017.

For further information, contact Danielle Baudrand or Stephanie Scherr.

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