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Challenging Sununu & Kelly's frackus quo, will either one move, or stand still side by side?


Stephanie Scherr

Echoes Activist Editor

Responding to Gov. Chris Sununu, Molly Kelly outline energy plans for N.H.

(Concord Monitor, 9/24/18)

“The new state energy plan offers the wrong approach. It looks to the past. It relies on fossil fuels,” she charged."

Sue Durling and I attended seven gubernatorial forums this summer, asking again and again if Molly Kelly would oppose the Granite Bridge Pipeline. She would not.

Straight from the Liberty Utilities greenwashing play book, she said the gas would reduce carbon missions. She insisted she wouldn't do anything that wasn't safe and that we don't know the unintended consequences of opposing the pipeline.

We don't expect legislators to know everything about every topic that crosses their desk. We do, however, expect that you will listen to and learn from knowledgeable people who are not lobbyists and have no financial gain in the game.

We do know the reckless consequences of saying yes to the Granite Bridge Pipeline and massive LNG tank. Expanding fossil fuels and not drastically curtailing our use, increases the impacts of global warming right here at home.

I know that. Governor Chris Sununu knows that. Molly Kelly knows that. The Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire knows that.

Tourism is big business in NH and climate change is already putting a dent in that.

Accept it or deny the inconvenient truth, but the scientific facts remain the same. We're doing very serious damage to Earth's atmosphere and quickly approaching the point of no return.

Natural (fracked) gas pipelines are full of methane. Methane is a fossil fuel, a greenhouse gas that is 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The question is whether Molly Kelly and the NH Democrats will support pipelines and fossil fuel expansion or impress the real progressives who are dead set against this pipeline, and put their flat palms forward, fingers splayed, and say stop.

Want an alternative? Two years ago, ECHO Action joined the Seacoast Anti-Pollution League and 350NH in the campaign for offshore wind.

First we asked Governor, now Senator Hassan, then we asked Governor Sununu, to request a federal task force to study offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine. Governor Hassan never responded. Governor Sununu said he would with a show of support from Granite Staters. After a pile of town resolutions supporting it this spring, he remains unmoved.

So, there it is. THE CHALLENGE. Who will be the first to step up and say NO GRANITE BRIDGE PIPELINE and YES TO OFFSHORE WIND?

Chris Sununu or Molly Kelly? Or will they stand still, side by side?

“They will lower rates and it will lower taxes for our communities and what’s really important as well is that it produces clean energy, which is the way that we need to go,” she said. And Kelly argued that “the status quo today is only delivering higher electric bills for all of us.”

Ms. Kelly and Governor Sununu are standing at the center of the frackus quo. Who will do something innovative that respects the health and safety of Granite Staters, promotes jobs and stimulates our economy? If for some reason you haven't heard, our electricity rates are high because of transmission costs. More gas won't help that. We need lots and lots of renewables. Support offshore wind and rip off the solar cap.

"Speaking with reporters after her remarks to the audience, Kelly once again slammed Sununu for his acceptance of contributions from Eversource."

Ms. Kelly keeps talking about Governor Sununu's relationship with Eversource. What is her relationship with Liberty Utilities?

Could you both stop for one darn minute and do what's right for the people of New Hampshire? Step up and we will make you the superstar of the clean energy state that brings in a flood of new union jobs, and instead of rising tides, lowers energy rates with net metering.

It's a showdown. Will either one break away from the frackus quo? That remains to be seen.

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