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Can Al Gore bring Trump around on climate action?

Gore offers to work with Trump on climate

Al Gore is dedicated to climate action and education. He's back off of the political scene and has been an important voice for raising awareness about the impacts climate change is already having and the increasing threat.

I know how crazy this sounds, but I'm going to say it. I don't think tossing him out to get Hillary is the answer. Because Trumps views are so far from the norm, Republicans are trying to calm him down. They're already getting him to retract all kinds of statements.

China has said that if he pulls the plug on climate action, they're still following through. Economists are warning that his plans could be devastating. Is it possible that Al Gore and the rest of the world may do more to to shape him and the Republicans than the rest of the climate community? Is it possible that this could be the strange circumstances that bring the Republicans back around to acting on climate? I admit, it sounds unlikely, but politics are more unpredictable than ever.

While some are panicking, most environmental organizations are reconnecting, increasing networks and organizing. That's what we're doing too. We invite you to participate in actions for Standing Rock and to join us in working right here in NH to support energy efficiency measures that save money as well as energy and to support climate action.

The election is over. We need to focus on common goals for the public good. If clean energy and climate action are things you care about, regardless of your politics, or if you want to better understand climate's impacts on the NH and the planet, join us.


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