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Break Free From Fossil Fuels! Regional Action in Albany NY - join us!


Join the ECHO Action team in Albany NY for a massive rally uniting activists from across the Northeast. ECHO Action endorses and supports Break Free Albany.

We endorse this action and encourage attendance in solidarity with our neighbors in New York. Moving away from fossil fuels to renewable energy immediately is essential in our battle against the climate crisis and for clean, air, water, and a healthy future for every life on this planet.

To join us on the 14th, contact Stephanie.

- Carpool with friends or meet us there. We will drive up early Saturday morning and return Saturday evening at an undetermined time. Leaving will depend upon how actions are going, who is needed and what transpires at the event. We cannot guarantee a return time.

- You may opt to sign up individually and stay in the area or camp out.

- Civil disobedience training is helpful, but not required. You may choose to participate in events that risk arrest or not. If you are willing to risk arrest, you will need to have received CD training.

- All actions are peaceful and non-violent.

"Dear Climate Justice Allies,

In Albany, on May 14, 2016, thousands of people will stand in the way of the fossil fuel industry in North America. The New York State Capital has been a key center for fossil fuel distribution and bad decisions for our economy and our futures, against the wishes of the people of the City of Albany.

Representing a coalition from across the northeast, we will gather with frontline communities, including Ezra Prentice Homes, and others living in the oil train blast zone. This act of mass civil disobedience against oil trains will also stand against fracked gas pipelines (including NED, AIM and Constitution), and other fossil fuel projects, like the Pilgrim Pipeline. Many of us will participate in direct action, and many more will come to rally and stand in solidarity. How you participate is up to you, but please be there.

Break Free Action Schedule:

Wednesday May 11th through Friday May 13th: Training Camp – Build action and organizing skills to take back to your community. Let us know what skills – direct action, organizing, etc. – you would like to see offered to benefit your local campaigns.

Saturday May 14th: Mass Action to Stop “the Bomb Train”

Corporations and political leaders have failed to take action that matches the scale of the climate crisis we face. It’s time to lead the way to the end of the fossil fuel era, and we are the ones we have been waiting for. This action is part of the initiated Break Free From Fossil Fuels global week of action – May 7 through 14. Albany 2016 will be one of the few focal actions in the United States, complementing other actions across the country and major actions on 5 other continents."

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