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Andover gas explosions, a wake up call to offshore wind

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Mary Beth Raven

ECHO Action Team

The Andover Gas Explosions should be a wake-up Call for NH to invest in offshore wind.

We’ve heard about the tragic gas explosions in Andover. Right now, Liberty Utilities is proposing a new gas line from Manchester to Stratham [Granite Bridge Pipeline], with an associated large Liquid Natural (LNG) (fracked) gas storage tank in Epping. This pipeline, which will run along 101, poses explosion risks.

And maybe until now we’ve accepted the inherent dangers of heating with gas. But we don’t have to. Electric heat pumps are demonstrating that they can be just as effective – and perhaps cheaper- than traditional heat sources like oil and gas. And in NH you can get a rebate for switching

To power these electric heat pumps, we can invest in Offshore Wind. Initial studies show that turbines 12 miles offshore (almost invisible to the naked eye) could generate approx. 2600 Megawatts of energy. Then we can use that electricity to heat our homes with heat pumps. So please call the Governor at (603) 271-2121and ask him to convene a task for on offshore wind. Your life might just depend on it.

Mary Beth Raven


* Submitted to multiple news outlets.

The Andover Gas Explosions Should be a Wake-up Call for NH to Invest in Offshore Wind


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