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A Fracked Gas Metering Station In Exeter?

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Sue Durling and I attended the Town of Exeter, NH Select Board meeting last night to hear Liberty Utilities respond to questions about the Granite Bridge Pipeline metering station proposed for the town, that was originally slated for Stratham.

Liberty Utilities is seeking an agreement with the Town of Exeter for an easement on the "Moreau" property, which is designated conservation land. The land was formerly used as a Conservation Commission town tree nursery.

We offered the information Liberty did not, encouraging them to read comments on the PUC docket and file as intervenors. We shared their safety and inspection violations and their 2.2% gas leakage rate in 2017, costing ratepayers millions. We suggested that the Select Board postpone the decision and consider a public meeting to allow residents to learn about what a metering station is and how it may impact the community, allowing the opportunity for public comment on the proposal.

Exeter resident Jordan Dickenson spoke passionately, asking the Board to take the lead and oppose the Granite Bridge Pipeline, for his future children and grandchildren. He said that Exeter is a key piece in the project and opposing it could stop the pipeline. He asked the Select Board what the real cost of the project is to future generations.

One of Liberty's representatives slapped on a smile and said he cares about the environment and climate too and that natural gas is a green energy! Say what? Can't fool us! Their gas is a fossil fuel and contributes to climate change. #Methane is a greenhouse gas 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. That's not green. We must transition to renewable energy like solar, offshore wind and biofuels.

If Liberty really cares, they'll replace all their leaky pipelines instead of building more. That would provide quite a bit more product. If the State of #NH were to offer incentives for #weatherization, that would save even more energy, up to 20%!

We don't need the gas, but Liberty is ready for profit at the ratepayer's expense if we let them. Ratepayers pay for the pipeline and when it's no longer used, they keep paying. The Epping LNG tank could take 73 years to get a return on! No risk to Liberty or their shareholders, just to the people who always pay - us.

The mural below is from the Exeter Town Clerk's office. We don't see any pipelines in there. We hope they're going to promote renewables, not fossil fuel expansion!

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