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100% renewable energy? We have the technology to do it today!


"I am speaking with confidence now. We have a solution now to adjust the intermittency of solar and wind energy that is no longer a technology challenge. Now it is an economic decision," said Patrick Lee, Sempra Energy vice president for major project controls. “So installing a base load power plant is no longer your only option. You can now look at solar, wind and storage as alternatives, and still be able to manage the reliability of the grid. So that is the takeaway I would like you to have.”

He addressed the annual La Jolla energy conference sponsored by the UC San Diego Institute of the Americas at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines.

Lee said that as a trained engineer, even three years ago he would not have believed this was possible.

“But today my answer is: The technology has been resolved. How fast do you want to get to 100 percent? That can be done today,” he said."


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