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10 Fast, Easy, Meaningful Actions Against Granite Bridge Pipeline!


1. Sign our petition and share it!

2. Instant Activism: Call or email NH Senator Martha Fuller Clark today!

Senator Fuller Clark's quote is featured in a Liberty Utilities promotional graphic. You can view it below. Always express your concerns in a polite, respectful manner.

603-271-3092 (at the State House)

603-319-1560 (campaign office)

Scripts for calls or email are here! It takes just 2 minutes!

Call ANY and ALL NH State Senators and ask them to support renewables now!

3. Write a Letter to the Editor!

Guide and contact information is here!

4. Read and share our blog posts!

Preschool emergency evacuation site is in Granite Bridge Pipeline "Incineration Zone"

• Canada adopts carbon fee and dividend!

Share other blog posts!

5. Tell us why you oppose GBP & LNG! Read others. Submit yours here!

6. Call your State Rep and candidates for State Rep. Talk to them about Granite Bridge. Ask for them to oppose it. Let us know what you learn, so we can share it with others!

7. Read this evidence that we're on the right side of history!

Fossil fuel on last legs: Lovins

"Lovins also warned gas was no safe haven among fossil fuels; all of them, including gas, are in “deep trouble” against unsubsidised renewables, he said, as he warned there would be stranded assets from planned gas power plants in the US.

“I hope these won’t be your dollars,” he told the conference. “Global gas demand will dwindle in step with oil.”

8. SHARE posts, articles and our GBP & LNG graphics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! Sharing our posts count or write your own!

9. TALK about Granite Bridge & LNG! An incredibly important mid-term election is fast approaching. YOU can make a difference by talking to neighbors and sharing information on social media!

10. INVITE your neighbors and friends to learn more about Granite Bridge Pipeline!


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