Pipeline Profiles: Voices of the Incineration Zone

Connie Mercier, Auburn NH


"In the event of an emergency, I'm supposed to evacuate 30 kindergarten and preschool students to a location in the Granite Bridge Pipeline Incineration Zone."

Preschool emergency evacuation site is in the Granite Bridge Pipeline Incineration Zone

Laura Lynch, Temple NH

"What a shock I received when I found out that an 80,000 HP compressor station was going to be built a quarter of a mile away from my home. As a person who suffers from COPD this scared the HELL out of me."

Let me tell you a story about Liberty Utilities and Granite Bridge Pipeline


What do you want to share with others?

• Must be a story about you, your town or personal experience with pipeline or fossil fuel extraction, transport or company.

• You must identify yourself and your the town you live in.

• Photos and video must be your own.

• We do not compensate for stories. We would just want to share your story with others facing the threat of pipelines and fracking to raise awareness and promote renewables.

• We may consider your story for a feature or interview.

• Questions? Contact us! All submissions considered.

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