Who opposes Pipelines?

Who opposes Fracked Gas Fossil Fuel Expansion?​ We do.

State Capital of Concord Conversion from Biofuel Steam Heat to Fracked Gas Pipelines

Granite Bridge Pipeline • Epping/Fremont LNG tank • Gas Expansion in Keene

Lebanon/Hanover Pipeline and LNG & CNG tanks & depot

Bethlehem gas expansion beyond landfill


* Landfill methane is not "renewable" (called RNG) and should only be used with existing customers.

It should not be used to build new customers who will need fracked gas when landfill gas is exhausted.

We support clean air, water, jobs, and the economic benefits of renewable energy.


"I would definitely support a federal task force to look at alternative energy in addition to offshore wind. I think it's a great idea. I also think that we should do things to subsidize solar panels....I do not support Granite Bridge [Pipeline]. I'm with you on that...that's a fracked gas product and I think that is really damaging for the environment." 

Candidate for Congressional District 1, West Ossipee

Mindi Messmer


"When I went out to North Dakota to the Standing Rock Reservation, the DAPL group, the pipeline group in North Dakota, [Energy Transfer Partners, Dakota Access Pipeline] was saying the same thing. The Sioux Nation was very concerned about the threat posed to their water rights. Frankly, I don't believe any of these pipeline industries. They're in it for one reason and that's to profit. Anything that is assisting the fossil fuel industry, in my view, is contributing to climate change, number one, and number two, it's only interest is profits and the corruption of our government. It provides so much funding to politicians, and the politicians are bought and paid for...we have politicians who are at the beck and call of the fossil fuel industry."  (Video)

Lincoln Soldati, Candidate for Congressional District 1, Portsmouth

Lincoln Soldati

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.51.45 AM_ed

"The idea of Granite Bridge coming down through here is not where we should be spending our attention and our time. We need to be talking about how do we make it easier for solar and a decentralized power grid to take shape in the Granite State." (WMUR)

"Our investments should be focused on modernizing the energy grid to allow for decentralized energy. This will allow green energy to compete as well as make our country more secure from foreign attack."

Candidate for Congressional District 1, Portsmouth

Deaglan McEachern


"I OPPOSE THE GRANITE BRIDGE PIPELINE: Liberty Utilities is seeding a web of projects to slow transition to alternative energy sources and to export natural gas. The gas fracking sourcing these lines causes water pollution and tremors. And please do not tell me that we need the cheap fuel. The fuel only appears cheap because fuel extractors are not forced to pay for the externalities.


We have computers and big data now that can model costs of water pollution, healthcare consequences, and impact on agricultural crops at the source, plus the risk of explosion in NH and the worldwide climate impacts. The rainbow tank in Boston is smaller than the Granite Bridge proposed tank; gosh, where would you aim if you were attacking us? 


I assure you that insurance companies will look at that risk and write an exclusion clause in every policy issued within the impact radius. Wall Street is paid big money for accepting risk, but NH residents are being asked to take on risk without payment. Remember the nuclear power plant that shut down? Yes, that could also happen here and customers would end up paying for it again.


And, finally, energy costs are not what is constraining the NH economy. It is lack of labor. Our companies are crying out for young people, who, by the way, want alternative energy sources."

NH State Senator, District 9, Peterborough

Jeanne Dietsch

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.52.26 AM.pn

"As a long time owner of a woodland Montessori school, where we stress environmental care and preservation, it breaks my heart that we are directly in the path of this pipeline. As a parent and livestock owner, I am extremely distressed about safety for ourselves and our animals when thinking about living in the "incineration zone".

I am within sight of this intended pipeline, in what has been termed the Incineration Zone. I have 30 preschoolers in my care every day, not to mention a family and livestock. After the Mass. accident on 9/13, I am determined that I will not allow this without a fight. We should be focused on clean and renewable energy. This will be expensive and drought with environmental implications that have not been addressed."

Director, Auburn Montessori School, Auburn

Connie Mercier


"I oppose the Granite Bridge Pipeline & LNG Facility Project on Rt 101 from Stratham to Manchester because I understand that climate change is a speeding train coming right at us.  The pipeline will reduce the motivation and movement towards the critical development of renewable sources of energy.   We need to stop burning fossil fuels now if we want to save humanity and our planet.  While natural gas is touted by the utility industry as clean, the methane it emits into the air is 85 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.  


There are many illnesses associated with the extraction of fossil fuels from the ground and people who live near the fracking fields are getting all manner of sicknesses related to pollution in that process. Other dangers, like explosions, have plagued (un) natural gas extraction and transportation.  I don't want to be complicit in causing so much suffering to people at the extraction source and the climate change caused by methane, both at the source and from the methane-leaking pipes and other infrastruture.  I understand that stopping climate change cannot be put off any longer.  We can't wait until the signs are even greater.  It will be too late then, as positive feedback loops will take matters out of human hands.  For example, more methane in the atmosphere causes warming, which causes the Artic permafrost to thaw, releasing massive amounts of more methane stored in it.  We can't just stop this process.  We need to prevent it from happening in the first place.

We need to improve our economy with the uplifting local jobs that a flourishing and sustainable renewables industry will provide.  Pipeline jobs are temporary and mostly for specialized workers.


Causing climate change is the biggest moral problem humanity has ever faced.  It is an existential calamity already in process.  Our continued existence depends on our doing the right thing now.  Prioritizing short term convenience, money and vested interests is an intergenerational moral travesty.  It's hard to believe that parents are willing to do this to their children but they are-simply by sticking their heads in the sand.  Refusing to look at the facts so one can say "I didn't know it was that bad" will not absolve anyone or stop the process.  Ignorance of the law of nature is no excuse.  The suffering has started, will get much worse, and will cost untold trillions of dollars to tax payers-much more than it would cost us to make required changes now.  Civilization itself is at risk.


The fossil fuel and utility industries keep right on pushing their poisonous fuel while their legislative "friends" in state government try to claw back what very little progress we have made to promote renewables-under the guise of saving us a pittance of money.  But sticking us with paying for a $340 million project sounds acceptable.  We need to stop voting for these people.  They are buying what the lobbyists are selling-that climate change isn't that bad and is in the distant future and that renewables can't do it and we just have to keep putting more greenhouse gases in the air, and making people sick.  Meanwhile some of them drag their feet on promoting renewables (their competition).  Maybe, due to dark money, there's no proof of collusion but everyone knows what's good for whom.  Voting for anyone, without knowing what they are doing to our ability to deal with climate change, is a dereliction of citizenship, a renunciation of democracy and a callous disregard for our children.  Also, our Governor, with his connections is derelict in his duty to contribute to saving our planet and needs to be replaced.  Other states are responding to the call to promote renewables.  We can too but it won't happen without a big push from the electorate.  There are too many vested interests, as well as old ideas connecting happiness with consuming excessive amounts of energy. We need to learn what our Representatives and Senators are doing to address climate change. 


It really is a climate emergency.  This election may well be our last chance to stop this train.  Making a big investment in continuing with fossil fuels is the wrong way to go at this time."


Dorothy Currier


"We must protect our environment and conserve resources for our children and their children. The majority of energy generated by our neighboring states both east and west comes from renewable resources. Only 20% of the Granite State’s energy generation is from renewables.

I will strongly support any energy project that benefits ratepayers within NH and that does not require investment in a fossil fuel infrastructure. 

Solar, Wind, and hydroelectric sources of energy are non-polluting, last forever, and provide well-paid jobs at a rate higher than oil or gas pipelines. 

The US Energy Information Administration has determined that job growth in renewable energy is significantly higher than any other segment of the energy industry. Jobs in coal and oil are actually declining nationally.


5 reasons we don't need Granite Bridge.


1. "Natural Gas" is not natural. The process used to extract it requires pressure injection of dangerous chemicals into the earth, contaminating water tables.

2. "Natural" Gas is mostly methane. Methane is 86x as potent a greenhouse gas as Carbon dioxide. "Natural" Gas routinely leaks during transfers, at pressurizing stations, entering the atmosphere.


3. Companies seeking to expand "Natural" Gas service present it as a "bridge fuel," implying it will be used for a few years while sustainable energies "get up to speed." Common sense tells us that any for-profit company investing hundreds-millions into infrastructure will want that investment repaid, with profit, before retiring the infrastructure.


4. The US Department of Energy reports in 2017 there were 22 gas explosions resulting in 12 deaths and 21 injuries and millions in property damage. The Granite Bridge pipeline would run along Rte101 from Stratham to Manchester, in close proximity to over 1000 organizations, including elderly living facilities, hospitals, schools, and childcare centers.


5. We do not transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy by investing in another fossil fuel. "Natural" gas is non-renewable and will expire. It is not sustainable and therefore not an answer to the growing energy crisis the world faces.


We must look beyond "Natural" Gas and invest in renewable forms of energy. The people of New Hampshire care deeply about this and have repeatedly indicated that we are ready for sustainable energy now."

NH State Representative, Wilton

Chris Balch


"I am a resident of Merrimack, NH. I oppose the Granite State Pipeline because I think that it is taking advantage of NH ratepayers to expand its business. Here are the details.

On May23, Liberty Utilities held an open house so that the public could learn about the Granite Bridge gas pipeline they propose to build from Manchester to Stratham, and a huge LNG storage tank in Epping.  I learned that EVERY Liberty heating customer will pay for this $340 million project.

Liberty plans to add a fee of about $2.60 a month (31.20 a year). I asked several Liberty employees for how many years ratepayers would have to pay the fee, and the answers varied from 20 to 40 to 52.

The primary argument for building the pipeline and storage tank is so that Liberty can buy in the summer when prices are low and store it for the winter when prices are high and pass that savings on to ratepayers. The capacity of the tank is larger than the “Rainbow” tank in Boston and far exceeds what NH needs. Does this mean that Liberty plans to use the tank to supply customers outside of NH? Or even export?

I can find no documentation on how much LESS a month ratepayers will pay for their fuel. Their website says a $240 million in savings. But they said it will cost $340 to build! Where is that other hundred million dollars going? According to this math, rate payers will not be saving any money, and, moreover, Liberty is getting YOU to pay for growing their business. Liberty customers, educate yourselves on this proposal!"

Mary Beth Raven, Merrimack

Mary Beth Raven


"This project is huge! It doubles Liberty's pipeline capacity in New Hampshire. Why are we making big investments in fossil fuel infrastructure to the tune of $340 million, at this late date? It's a last desperate grab by a dying industry to lock NH into fossil fuels.


The explosions and fires in Merrimack Valley and the leaky distribution lines throughout New Hampshire make it obvious that it's a dangerous investment too! Raising the net metering cap would have helped businesses, towns, schools and non-profits, but the Governor supported the utility lobbyists instead of us!"

Candidate for State Representative, District 11, Rindge

Pat Martin

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.25.48 PM.pn

"One of the hard things when you're running for office or when you're active in a cause, is you're thinking generationally in a world where people do not think generationally. They're thinking day, week, month, year...the decisions we make are going to stick around for 20, 40, 50 years after...these are bridges to the past. We've crossed those bridges, so let's go lead. Let's go build a bridge to the future and I think conservation's a huge part of it, offshore wind, solar, upgrade the electric grid...Conservation is such an important centerpiece of how we're going to be the best state we can be and all these projects [pipelines], I think, get in the way of that. So we've just got to say that out loud, every day. When you spend time talking to people in their teens, twenties, thirties, these are the sort of questions they want answered. I am 100% opposed to Granite Bridge."

Candidate for NH Governor, Portsmouth

Steve Marchand


"Overwhelming scientific evidence indicates that natural gas extraction, production, transmission and use are not “clean.” Rather, they pose serious risks to human health. NH needs clean energy, not catastrophe.

Even the conservative American Medical Association recognizes the potential impact on human health associated with natural gas infrastructure.

How is the gas causing these problems?

Leaks and intentional releases. Corroded pipes, fittings and meters leak. Gas is released at compressor and metering stations to vent pressure.

Explosions. One could reasonably assume that with modern methods and materials, incidents would decrease. An amazing fact - gas pipelines installed since 2010 have an incident rate over 400% greater than pipelines built between 1950 and 2009. Pipelines can and do explode, Pipelines are under-inspected.

Asthma, nose bleeds, COPD/emphysema, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, preterm births, low birth weight, diabetes. All have been shown to be caused or exacerbated by natural gas infrastructure.

Toxic chemicals known to exist in fracked gas: Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene, Radon. Particulate matter (PM). PM absorbs airborne chemicals; tiny particles are inhaled and cross into the blood stream and be carried throughout the body.

Retired Nurse, Hillsborough

Susan L. Durling


"When Southern NH was threatened by the NED pipeline in 2014, communities and municipalities came together in strong opposition to pipeline giant Kinder Morgan and their partner, Liberty Utilities. (View the chart and listen to audio of the relationship between the two corporations.)


After the pipeline was withdrawn, due to opposition and lack of contracts, Liberty Utilities aggressively began seeking gas contracts across New Hampshire, even in communities that weren't interested. They thought Dartmouth College would be an anchor customer, but they were wrong.


We don't want their climate-clogging fracked gas, their leaks (2.2% in 2017), their pollution and their stories of reduced energy prices at the cost of paying for their pipelines and LNG tank at no risk to them or their shareholders. The Epping LNG tank could take up to 73 years to get a return on.


The opposition is not going away. We won't be locked into a fossil fuel future. After the 70+ gas explosions in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover MA on 9/13/18, I think we've seen enough of what Liberty Utilities can provide and we'll pass on their gas.


Renewable energy means clean air and water, protected health and safety, far more jobs, abundant renewable energy, economic benefits and leaving a livable planet to future generations. We will hold legislators who support fossil fuel expansion responsible for the damage they knowingly choose to support.


Granite Staters know it's better to be #FossilFree603."

Science & Environmental Educator, Fitzwilliam

Stephanie Scherr

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 7.53.07 PM.png

"Think twice, people of Keene. Urge your city councilors to reject the pipeline under the Ashuelot River!"

Cheshire County Treasurer & City Councilor, Keene

Terry M. Clark


Opposed to Granite Bridge Pipeline.

Candidate for State Representative, District 8, Salem

Bonnie Wright


Opposed to Granite Bridge Pipeline.

Candidate for State Representative, District 3, Raymond

Jennifer Dube


"New Hampshire needs to focus on our energy future, not the past. Fossils and fossil fuels are things of the past. We can create good paying, union jobs by building renewable energy infrastructure and there are many other jobs that go with it. We can’t afford to wait until the last possible fossil fuel resources are squeezed out of the earth. The future is now."

NH State Representative, District 4, Keene

Jennifer Bernet


"I live in Dover. My concern about this is less about how it affects me directly but rather how it affects all of us indirectly."

NH State Representative, District 16, Ward 4, Dover

Sherry Frost


"Let me tell you a story about Liberty Utilities and Granite Bridge Pipeline (Read full blog post)

"I am so concerned about the Granite Bridge which Liberty is trying to push on you and your neighbors. Your select board and town councils seems to think that this is a good idea because Liberty are going to donate $7,000,000,00 a year to your town.

Well let me tell you a little story that Liberty is not telling you. They are not telling you about how this pipeline is going to effect your water and your land. It doesn't matter whether it is going to be built on the 101 corridor it is still going to effect all of you. It is not telling you about the cost to get the gas to your door which will be thousands of dollars and who is going to pay for that. They aren't. They are not telling you that the only reason our electric rates are high is because we have the highest transmission rates in the country. That is the process of getting the gas to your house. It has nothing to do with how much electricity or energy we have. The state of NH has plenty."

Candidate for State Representative, District 25, Temple

Laura Lynch


I love all the great ECHO Action NH people I work with. Every time I drive thru Winchester NH I have good memories of the NED pipeline vigils. We had your backs when part of the pipeline was moved into Southern NH, and you had our backs in MA too, coming to the vigils on Northfield Mountain.


At the beginning of NED I received a post from a man from NY who said, "Hold the line, MA! We who have lived thru NED understand what is at stake. Once you see what can happen, you can't unsee it. PA helped us. Now we are passing it on to help others impacted." 


Now we're all holding the line state by state, reaching across the world. Love you all!

Northfield Gas Pipeline Resistance, MA

Deirdre Derchin Olson

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 3.47.18 PM.png

"Most of my family lives in NH. I want to know they're safe and have options for CLEAN energy for their homes!"

No Fracked Gas In Mass, Cummington, MA

Rosemary Wessel


"When considering Natural Gas - Projects are financed over 30 years. - Expansion intended to operate well beyond 50 years. - Compressor Stations emit excessive airborne carcinogenic chemicals year over year - Natural gas fired Compressors emit leaking methane plus significant unburned methane in exhaust - Methane the number 1 GHG impacting global warming - Pipelines under estimate project capacity and emissions - Pipelines can abandon pipelines with no remedial requirement for long term contamination. It makes no sense for states to be approving pipeline expansions in 2018 that will continue to operate into 2100 when states can be investing in less damaging, risk and health impact to humans. I guess as long as politicians still go to the oil companies for campaign funding, we will never break free from the misinformation from pipelines and the irrational aggressive expansions of natural gas."

Someset, NJ



"The future depends on clean energy. The fossil fuel corporations gain while we risk everything."

Rye, NY

Brook Packard


"I believe in safer and greener methods to deliver energy."

Candidate for State Representative, District 3, Laconia

Carlos Cardona


"Everything [about the Granite Bridge Pipeline concerns me]. Especially its impact to the local environment, and the contribution it would make towards worsening the climate crisis.

I live in Exeter. I'm especially concerned for the futures of the world's youth, and future generations of children. Why should we subject them - who have no say in this matter - to the horrible consequences this pipeline will have? I couldn't be at peace knowing that I did not do my part to stop this pipeline, so I'm fighting to stop it and secure a livable future for myself and those who will be here when I am long gone."

Resident of Exeter

Jordan Dickenson


"I want to breathe and not eat or drink poison. Others also deserve this."

Candidate for State Representative, District 16, Keene

Delmar Burridge


"I am not convinced it is either safe or necessary. NH needs to find a better way."

NH State Representative, District 1, Hillsborough

Marjorie Porter


"We must find alternative renewable energy and stop continuing our dependence with new projects."

Candidate for State Representative, District 6, Goffstown

F. Eric Emmerling


"The Granite Bridge Pipeline, and all other Fossil Fuel infrastructure, is a giant step backward. New Hampshire needs to be investing in 21st century, homegrown, sustainable energy! Now."

NH State Representative, District 7, Keene

Sparky Von Plinsky

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 12.23.16 PM.pn

"I want the Earth to still be habitable for our grandchildren. All fossil fuel infrastructure and usage makes that less likely. We need 100% renewable energy as soon as possible, and an end to all fossil fuels."

Candidate for State Representative, District 20, Litchfield

Dan Westervelt

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.55.40 PM.png

"As an elected official or candidate for public office, I am opposing the Liberty Utilities' Granite Bridge Pipeline and LNG tank. The Granite Bridge pipeline would go from Manchester to Auburn, Candia, Raymond, Epping, Brentwood, Exeter and end in Stratham, NH. The pipeline would be 16 inches in diameter, with a Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) of 950 pounds per square inch (psi).

Prior to being placed into service, the entire pipeline would be tested to 150% of its MAOP to ensure that the pipeline is constructed properly and that it will operate safely. The proposed LNG storage tank would be 150-170 feet high, 200 feet in diameter on 15 acres of a 140 acre site."

Author and Resident of Keene

Terri O'Rorke


"Please support Congress addressing the energy market failure that is driving over-consumption of fossil fuels. A market-based, revenue policy like Carbon Fee and Dividend will be great for New Hampshire in terms of personal income gain, jobs, the economy, and our environment. Thank you."


Citizens Climate Lobby NH, Windham

John Gage


"Been opposed since the beginning!"


Judith Seward

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 2.10.45 PM.png

"Protect the public and our planet, NOT the greed of energy monopolies!!"


Peter White

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.48.54 AM_ed

"Fix the leaking pipelines and stop building outdated infrastructure."

NH Safe Water Alliance, Merrimack

Carol Morgan DiPirro


"Granite Bridge and the enormous LNG Storage tank is not good for NH. Every piece of infrastructure is a foot in the door for this kind of industrialization. And there is risk in this industry from leaks and explosions. (see Lawrence, etc.) Risk is tied to probability and the more pipelines, the greater the probability that accidents, incidents and explosions can occur. Invest instead in clean, safe energy ... wind and solar."

Environmental Educator, Pelham

Julia Steed Mawson


"Renewable is the only way to go."


Sylvie Stewart

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.17.32 PM.pn

"We are ready for the future. It must include safer, renewable energy. It's way past time. Please bite the bullet and make the change. It's for our children and their children's children."

Author, Musician, Gardener, Fitzwilliam

Jeanne Sable


"The energy companies care only about making money. They have shown us over and over that they don't really care about the people. They wanted to put the NED pipeline in my town. We did massive research and learned that they lied and mislead us about the facts. We need renewables."


Pamela Shuel-Sargent


"I don't want fraking [fracked gas] to potentially affect my water supply and aqua streams to the well and my only water source. Safety concerns have only been emphasized more so since the horrid situation in the Merrimack Valley."


Karen Dobmeier

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 1.36.47 PM.png

"Clean energy NOW!"


Peggie-Jean Greenough

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.55.38 PM.jpg

"The risk of explosion is low, but it is not zero, as our neighbors in Massachusetts were just reminded. But what is certain are the consequences of adding more greenhouse gasses to our environment. Exxon and Shell knew 30+ years ago. Building still more fossil fuel infrastructure is a suicidal energy policy."


Douglas Whitbeck


"We don't want a Pipeline in NH because there is no way they can say what happened in Mass. won't here. They are NOT SAFE!"


Walter Bradley


"I am an abutter to the proposed pipeline. I do not want this gas pipeline anywhere near my property."


Charles F. Newton


"I am an abutter to the proposed pipeline and do not want a gas line near my property. We do not want it or need it. Please oppose it."

pipeline. I do not want this gas pipeline anywhere near my property."


Gloria J. Newton

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 3.44.56 PM.png

"The price that was recently paid by the residents of Lawrence, No. Andover and Andover show that it is not safe to put in these pipelines!"


Robert McGonagle


"There is no future in fossil fuels, for there lie only dinosaurs. The future lies with the young and the quick -who run like the wind, fly at the speed of light, and surge like the tides!"

White River Junction, VT

Kevin Leveret


"The line will go right through my back yard. No way!"


Rebecca Draper


"No pipeline!" 


Pamela Bond

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 10.24.54 PM.pn

"Renewable energy doesn’t level homes or forests. Renewable energy doesn’t pollute the environment. Pipelines are harmful to the environment, wildlife and humans."


Christine St. George

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 10.27.19 PM.pn

"We have a beautiful state, why let something we’re not going to benefit from ruin it...Not to mention the incidents that just happened in Massachusetts. Please don’t let this go through."


Sharon Larpenter


"We are in the blast zone of this disaster and no one has the right to put our lives in this situation. And NH residents shouldn't have to be subjected to the needs of Big cities. Leave NH the way it is!"


Randy Grasso

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.17.09 PM.png

"Green is the only sensible route to take."


Theresa Beldin


"Renewable sustainable energy is the only logical way to move forward"


Christopher Mills, MD

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.19.28 PM.png

"NH is way behind on solar and renewable energy sources."


Steve Riley


"Let's move forward to a cleaner environment. We can do this."

West Lebanon

Lorraine T. Kelly


"Wind and Solar and anything not making Canada millions works for me."

* Liberty Utilities is owned by Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp., Canada.


Eunice Miller


"Don't destroy nh like the other states. Leave it natural the way God made it to be"


Alycia Jordan


"We do NOT need a multibillion dollar Canadian energy corporation polluting our lovely rural town with methane gas and other harmful pollutants from their proposed Granite Bridge LNG pipeline project. Please oppose this proposed construction!"

* Liberty Utilities is owned by Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp., Canada.


Cristina MacDonald

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 6.08.42 PM_edi

"Governor, what are you thinking? This storage tank is the worst idea I've ever heard of and I'm ashamed of you for dropping it in our, and our neighbors backyards and thinking it's just fine and safe. I would love for it to reside in YOUR backyard and then my worries would be over. Please don't vote for this, it's a total disaster."


Linda Baresich


It is almost too late to stop climate change. We need to all be aware. Thanks"


Robert O'Donnell


"Please don’t allow this risky pipeline develop. Our health and survival depends on it."


Amy Hayes


"Liberty Utilities pipeline is unnecessary as we can get our needed Energy from Renewable. As a pipeline project builder to not understand the ASME codes for pipelines/LNG tanks with pressure over 15 PSIG, is unfathomable for an engineered system they are to build/operate/maintain for X number of years. The company is negligent to state this and confirmed by the PUC safety board recently!"


Geoff Daly

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 7.23.58 AM.png

"Get rid of all fracking and pipelines in the USA!"


Hannah Sheridan


"get rid of all fracking and pipelines in the USA!"

Alma CO

Cheryl Kenady


It is almost too late to stop climate change. We need to all be aware. Thanks"


Robert O'Donnell

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 7.08.55 AM.png

No more pipelines period. Invest in a future with solar and wind instead. No more fossil fuels , fracking etc. Our earth is dying."


Gail Szafir

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 7.12.49 AM.png

"Please do not destroy the White Mountain National Forest!! Its 800,000 acres are for the people of this country and state to enjoy as beautiful and pristine natural resources. We must fight to protect and preserve our White Mountain National Forest and urge for renewable energy which does not involve destroying our precious lands!"


Angela Jackson


"Please support solar!"

Mont Vernon

Shannon Kolb


"It is well known that the government and various corporations have secret patents for alternative energy sources. It is time to bring these forth. Even guys who make millions on oil and gas won’t like it if their towns blow up!"


Linda Kaiser

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 7.05.42 AM.png

"Natural Gas was once thought of as a transition fuel but in reality it is still just another fossil fuel. Granted it emits less carbon dioxide than coal and oil but it still emits carbon dioxide that was captured by plants millions of years ago and eventually formed coal. oil or natural gas. We probably won't stop using natural gas tomorrow but we need to transition to using no fossil fuels pretty quickly. Therefore we should head in the direction of solar, wind and other renewable forms of energy as quickly as possible."


Kyle McAdam


"We need to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy."


Brandon Boucher

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.55.40 PM.png

"Fossil fuels, constituting eighty-one percent of energy consumption, have been shown to pollute the very air we breathe, place a burden on public health and are a big contributor to climate change. With clean energy sources becoming more competitive, the need for coal, oil and natural gas can be slowly reduced. Solar and wind energy are gaining market shares, thanks in part to technological advances which lower costs and improve efficiency. Recent studies have also shown use of clean energy strengthens the economy and increases employment."


Terri O'Rorke

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 11.16.48 AM.pn

Climate wise we have to stop fossil fuel use. It’s an emergency at this point. Pipelines have a horrible record of leaking. Pipelines are a step backwards and we need to move forward. It’s environmentally wise, economically wise. There are no negatives."


Pam Clark


"I am signing in solidarity as we are stopping gas pipelines in New Jersey too, because our children need a livable future and present without the constant threat of climate disasters. Please move to 100% energy efficiency, solar and wind energy and stop all burning of fossil fuel. Thank you."

Asbury, NJ

Mark Canright