No Northern Pass

Granite Staters from the South to the North Country are saying #NoNorthernPass




The Northern Pass will increase mercury in the water and damage the scenic beauty of New Hampshire. Even more forested, carbon-trapping land will be flooded, releasing carbon. That's not clean or green. NP does not replace any fossil fuel plants and further damages Pessamit tribal lands in Quebec, who have not approved the project, never been compensated for the use and damage of their land and loss of salmon. Did you know that New Hampshire exports our energy? We don't need Northern Pass.


Did you know that offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine would bring tens of thousands of jobs to New Hampshire and that the turbines would be built here? An offshore wind farm would bring abundant, renewable energy beyond our needs and boost our economy! It's win-win-wind! Blow the winds of change into the Gulf of Maine!

Southern & Central New Hampshire have joined the North Country in saying NO to Hydro-Quebec's Northern Pass.

What We Support
• Homegrown, clean, renewable energy like solar, wind, offshore wind and responsible biomass.
• Support #NHoffshoreWIND! It could provide up to 50% of NH's energy!
• The booming green jobs in NH!
• A green economy.
• Creating a state with the vision and innovation to keep jobs, build renewable industry and give young people a reason to stay, work, and live in the Granite State.
Why We Oppose NP
• Not clean, not green, energy not for us, won't reduce our high transmission rates causing energy costs.
• Eversource jobs are only temporary.
• Loss of tourism income will be significant. Scenery roads and communities will be disrupted and damaged for years.
• High power towers will rise higher than any others, adding additional disruption to the scenery, the main source of North Country tourism.
• Property values will be decreased.
• Granite Staters pay for a project that isn't energy for us.
• The Pessamit First Nation of Quebec have been adversely affected by HydroQuebec for decades. They came to New Hampshire and asked for our support in stopping NP because it's killing the salmon in the rivers. They have never approved or been compensated for HydroQuebec's projects.
How you can help
• Help us distribute "No Northern Pass" signs throughout Southern and Central NH.
• Ask how you can get a free tee!
• "Picture yourself" (above) saying #NoNorthernPass!
• Take action! Sign the pledge to stop the Northern Pass.
• Learn about why we oppose the Northern Pass and then speak to candidates running for office. Make sure they understand that we want it stopped. Clean, renewable energy projects are the only ones for us because NH wants to be #FossilFree603.
• Call, email, contact on social media or write a letter to your representatives!

Quebec's Pessamit Nation, impacted by HydroQuebec, says #NoNorthernPass

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Southern NH says NO to Northern Pass. Show Us Your Signs!

Downloadable Northern Pass flyers (PDF)