NH Election 2016



If you're fighting a pipeline, coal, oil, fracked gas, against a pipeline tax, for climate action or environmental justice, but you're not meeting and promoting progressive, clean energy, climate action candidates, you're complicating your efforts and maybe working against them.

Wherever you're from, please join us in meeting your local and state candidates and letting them know that climate and clean energy are at the top of your agenda. Then share photos, videos, quotes and information with others in your state. Yes, there are many other issues, but climate is of extreme urgency. If you're not talking to candidates and promoting those who align with your community's needs, you are potentially fighting against your own cause.

Legislators who oppose pipelines only on the grounds of eminent domain are not meeting your needs or working towards the solutions we need for ‎positive‬ change. Stop everything and make this a priority now. Those opposed to fossil fuels and ‪fossil fuel infrastructure are a large and growing voter block. We have power, but we must assert ourselves by educating ourselves and informing others. You also must educate your candidates!

While many vote along party lines, remember that this is an issue-oriented election. Climate is not a partisan issue, it's an issue for all life on this planet. Remember to publicly praise all candidates willing to #ActOnClimate!

Some may feel a kind of loyalty to those who help/ed them fight a pipeline, compressor or metering station, mine, etc. If their agenda isn't for comprehensive change to the system, they are not supporting the well-being of our communities. Your representatives are there to represent you and should be expected to keep doing so.

We will continue to reach out to candidates and talk to them about renewable energy - solar, wind and offshore wind, energy efficiency, divesting from fossil fuels and getting aggressive on climate. Follow our Facebook page to learn more! Let's all be #‎FossilFree603‬!

Increasing renewable energy is critical. Others depend on us to reduce demand.

These words from a friend in Louisiana fighting a pipeline in pipeline country, where people's livelihood depends on fossil fuels.

"Oil and gas own Louisiana. They have bought our State Legislature and past governors. We're praying that our new governor will stand up to them, but that's a hard row to hoe. Most of the judges are also bought and paid for. Oh, they also own many of the bureaucratic agencies that "control" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) oil and gas development.

They can come on any property and they can easily "force pool" any property as the Department of Natural Resources has never, not once, denied a pooling permit to oil and gas. Our state regulations actually "forbid" - the word is used - interference with oil and gas development.

Louisiana needs help from the rest of the nation. We've been used and abused for so long that many here have forgotten that it's possible to fight. Acceptance of the fact that your life is not considered to be worth as much as others is something that is hard to shake off, once accepted.

Candidates for Governor

"As Governor, will you specifically request a task force for offshore wind projects in the Gulf of Maine?" Northern Pass, #EnergyConservation and #GridModernization are also discussed. Responses from the candidates are very revealing!


Note whether a candidate openly supports or opposes a project, or whether they divert to another subject. Does the candidate understand the project? **Did you hear YES or NO?**

Speaker 1: Colin Van Ostern for Governor - NH​ (right)
Speaker 2: Steve Marchand for Governor​ (center)
Speaker 3: Mark Connolly​ (left)

Thanks to our friends at 350 Action​ for attending the debate in Portsmouth and for sharing your video - always great work!

"As Governor, will you specifically request a task force for offshore wind projects in the Gulf of Maine?"

Mark Connolly, Steve Marchand, Colin Van Ostern (L to R)

"They put the kibosh on renewables. They put the kibosh on conservation. Those are the future of New Hampshire in terms of energy policy and the private sector is waiting to see if we will be futuristic in the way that we look at that."

- Teacher Pay & Education
- Infrastructure
- Entrepreneurship
- Opiate Heroin Crisis
- No Northern Pass
- No NED Pipeline

We're heading out to meet New Hampshire's
clean energy, climate action candidates!



Steve was the Mayor of Portsmouth, leading environmental policy and reducing climate change impacts. He supports NH offshore wind. He is 100% opposed to the Northern Pass project.


 Get to know Steve! Steve's energy policy.

DAN WEEKS for Executive Council


Dan is a 12th generation Granite Stater with an impressive educational background. He served with AmeriCorps and attended Oxford and Yale on scholarship.


He spoke about racial equality and

concerns about the future of his children,

women's health rights, getting money

out of politics, the need for climate action,

clean energy and commuter rail. The rail

from Lowell to Nashua to Manchester

airport would create 5,000 jobs and be

paid for by federal money, not state

funding. Dan supports NH offshore wind.

Get to know Dan! Dan's energy policy.

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ANDRU VOLINSKY for Executive Council


Andru is a Granite State activist lawyer.

We have met with Andru on more than one occasion. He opposed the NED pipeline and speaks

thoughtfully about supporting renewable

energy and NH offshore wind, he does

not have energy policy addressed

on his website at this time.


Get to know Andru!

LEE NYQUIST for State Senate


Lee is a practicing attorney who talked about creating jobs and ending pay and workplace discrimination, LBGTQ rights regarding adoption and fostering, strengthening public education (pre-K and up) and vocational schools.


He believes we should act on climate and

says he believes in Bernie Sanders'

philosophies. He says he has learned a lot

about environmental issues and the need

to act on climate from his adult daughter,

who has a background in Environmental

Science. Get to know Lee!

This is an excerpt from our August

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