Climate Change

New Hampshire is already experiencing serious impacts from climate change.


The impacts will increase over time. It is our obligation to do everything in our power to mitigate the effects by reducing our energy use and converting our energy system to 100% renewable energy now.

• Decline in moose, loons, lobster, shrimp, cod, maple trees and right whales due to lack of cold water copecods to feed on, and many other species.

• Fewer ski days due to lack of snow cover means a weaker winter tourism economy.

• The Gulf of Maine is warming faster than most of the world's oceans, impacting the variety of species and food for sea life.

• Heat stress, drought and poor air quality are increasing.

• More intense precipitation events, such as hurricanes, causing flooding and damage to infrastructure.

The information shared here is just an overview. Far more information is available from NH Department of Environmental Services and many other resources.

Climate Change is already here.

Some of the joys of New Hampshire, might not be there, if we don't act now.

Climate Change in NH

Moose Watching!

Right Whales seen off Rye NH

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Big lobsters from NH waters

Making Maple Syrup!

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NH & Regional Climate News

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