ECHO Action Editor
Oct 2, 2018

A [Granite] Bridge Too Far?


John Gage

NH Citizens Climate Lobby


Liberty Utilities is pushing hard for their Granite Bridge gas infrastructure project, but this is a risky proposition for New Hampshire. Liberty omits a critical factor from the equation, one that is likely to turn new gas infrastructure investments into stranded assets. Short-sighted bets like Granite Bridge will predictably lead to higher energy prices and delay our state’s transition to cheaper and cleaner 21st-century energy solutions.


Momentum is growing to legislate a federal, market-based revenue neutral climate protection policy like Carbon Fee and Dividend. This is a beneficial, fair and efficient way to account for the social costs of fossil fuels. Without it, energy providers and consumers are being misled by incomplete pricing signals. With it, pollution will drop rapidly, and New Englanders will get an average $1,600 gain in annual after-tax purchasing power in two decades.


Eighty-six congressional representatives have joined the House Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus (half from each party). The carbon fee and dividend approach has the support of many leading economists – Mankiw, Paulson, Bernanke, Baker, Schulz, Feldstein, Summers, Yellen, etc. – and corporations – Exxon, BP, Shell, GM, J&J, P&G, Santander, MetLife, etc.


Nearly all New Hampshire businesses and households will benefit from an efficient energy market.


Liberty Utilities should add their support rather than push a project from which they are guaranteed to profit and that New Hampshire citizens will likely soon regret. Energy companies that fail to support correcting the energy market failure are implicitly putting their short-term interests ahead of our collective future.


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Eagle Tribune

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  • ECHO Action Editor
    Oct 2, 2018

    Chris Balch ECHO Action Team 5 reasons we don't need Granite Bridge. 1. "Natural Gas" is not natural. The process used to extract it requires pressure injection of dangerous chemicals into the earth, contaminating water tables. 2. "Natural" Gas is mostly methane. Methane is 86x as potent a greenhouse gas as Carbon dioxide. "Natural" Gas routinely leaks during transfers, at pressurizing stations, entering the atmosphere. 3. Companies seeking to expand "Natural" Gas service present it as a "bridge fuel," implying it will be used for a few years while sustainable energies "get up to speed." Common sense tells us that any for-profit company investing hundreds-millions into infrastructure will want that investment repaid, with profit, before retiring the infrastructure. 4. The US Department of Energy reports in 2017 there were 22 gas explosions resulting in 12 deaths and 21 injuries and millions in property damage. The Granite Bridge pipeline would run along Rte101 from Stratham to Manchester, in close proximity to over 1000 organizations, including elderly living facilities, hospitals, schools, and childcare centers. 5. We do not transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy by investing in another fossil fuel. "Natural" gas is non-renewable and will expire. It is not sustainable and therefore not an answer to the growing energy crisis the world faces. We must look beyond "Natural" Gas and invest in renewable forms of energy. The people of New Hampshire care deeply about this and have repeatedly indicated that we are ready for sustainable energy now.
  • ECHO Action Editor
    Oct 2, 2018

    Sue Durling ECHO Action Team While on Calef Highway, holding a “Stop Granite Bridge Pipeline!” sign, I was asked ‘Do you live in Epping?” “No,” I replied. “Then what are you doing here?” Fair question. Standing in the cold rain, we all asked ourselves why we care. We care because environmental disaster does not respect lines on a map. We’re your neighbors who spent two years of our lives fighting the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline. We valued help from experienced “outsiders”. What selectman is going to turn down rosy promises of millions in tax revenue if no residents object? Is the pipeline and a two billion cubic foot liquefied natural gas tank good for Epping? Is there no one in Epping concerned with climate change? We don’t believe that. This project will certainly be good for Liberty Utilities. It will nearly double its infrastructure asset base. Shareholders get a guaranteed return on equity, while ratepayers assume the big risk of stranded costs. The plan for the pipeline and natural gas tank life span is more than 40 years. Do we have that much time before we’re forced to abandon fossil fuels? Liberty plans to hold an open house in Epping on May 23. There won’t be much “open” about it. No discussion with questions from the audience. We’ve learned something along the way, and we’ll be there. Hope to​ meet you there. This article has been submitted to various media outlets for publication. Support ECHO Action's mission of a #FossilFree603 ! • Granite Bridge Pipeline • Subscribe • Donate $25 • Donate $50 • Blog Facebook: ECHO Action • Granite Bridge Pipeline Twitter: ECHO Action Learn more about the Granite Bridge Pipeline & LNG tank, see photos and video of the Epping tank site and a comparable tank, view our interactive map route indicating the blast zone and learn about the health and safety impact of pipelines. ECHO Action is an all-volunteer organization. Please support pipeline education & community action by making a donation today! #GraniteBridgePipeline #frackedgas #LibertyUtilities
  • ECHO Action Editor
    Oct 2, 2018

    ECHO Action's Stephanie and Sue attended a third gubernatorial forum to ask about the Granite Bridge Pipeline! Why are we asking again? Candidates can evolve on their positions on an issue as a campaign moves closer to the voting day. We also want to make sure our question, and the answers, are heard in as many communities as possible. Hanover and Lebanon are also fighting Liberty Utilities' gas expansion. 1. Listen beginning at 22 minutes. Our written question was asked first, immediately after candidate intro statements. To play this video, view this post from your live site. We had TWO questions asked about the Granite Bridge Pipeline at Dartmouth College. One of our written questions were answered and one verbal follow up at the end of the forum. Here is our question to Molly Kelly & Steve Marchand! 2. Listen beginning at 1:30. We followed up our written question about Granite Bridge Pipeline. "Saying you are not supporting Northern Pass or did not support the NED pipeline is different from opposing it. We have known for generations that climate change is a problem. Right here in Hanover and Lebanon, in Keene, and now the Granite Bridge Pipeline from Manchester to Stratham. Our communities across New Hampshire are being attacked by Liberty Utilities, having fracked gas pushed into our communities. I want to hear a very specific reason why you do not oppose the Granite Bridge Pipeline and further, explain to me how you would address climate change in an aggressive way..." To play this video, view this post from your live site. #NoGraniteBridgePipeline #FossilFree603 #NHpolitics

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