Election 2016: First In The Nation

ECHO Action Asks...

BERNIE SANDERS at Franklin Pierce University, NH

ECHO Action calls out to Bernie Sanders, "Keep It In The Ground!" and he responds! Recorded by Greenpeace USA at Franklin Pierce University. 2/6/16

HILLARY CLINTON at Keene State College, NH

Secretary Clinton responds to questions about Fracking, Pipelines & FERC. She incorrectly responds to how the FERC is funded. ​ --> 15:20 (Fracking) 18:18 (FERC - SS) Transcripts of these questions are available under the "Politics & Energy" tab on the ECHO Action site. 10/16/15

BERNIE SANDERS at the Peterborough Community Center, NH

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks about climate, solar, wind and opposing the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline. --> 37:28 - 40:00, 1/21/16

JEB BUSH at the Keene Historical Society, Keene, NH

Questioning Jeb Bush about the 2 million dollar donation he received from Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan, the proposed Kinder Morgan NED pipeline in NH and FERC. 8/20/15

JOHN KASICH at Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, NH

Discussing climate, renewables, and FERC. 1/26/16

CARLY FIORINA at Keene State College, NH

Fossil Fuels, FERC, National Security. 11/18/15

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