Stephanie wants citizens to know that it is their democratic duty to speak up and be heard, If legislators ignore or try to silence you, it's your duty to make your voice echo!

Your political party affiliation, or lack thereof, defines your voice, who you align with and your perceived values, now more than ever. How do we move past fighting for what we want as individuals and groups and move towards the common good? We're investigating how to have conversations for health, economics, humanity and every life on Earth.

Stephanie Scherr

Stephanie is the Director of ECHO Action NH and the Editor of Activist Echoes. She is a science teacher, environmental educator, community organizer and environmental justice advocate. She is a high-energy activist who is energized by bringing people together to defend their own rights and for those who do not have a voice. As a climate activist, she promotes discussion and praise for any and all who take positive action on climate, including those who may not be natural allies. Climate communication is the solution.

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