ECHO Action is a team of active community leaders on the front lines throughout Southern New Hampshire, coordinating on campaigns for clean, renewable energy to keep our state from being locked into a fossil fuel future. We understand that to stand against something, you must promote positive alternatives, and that's what we do best!


Our team members work on a wide variety of platforms to raise New Hampshire's "Energy IQ".


- Letters to the editor

- Press releases

- Communicating with the press, local and state government

- Emails and social media blasts

- Sharing hot news items

- Maintaining social media sites

- Offering training sessions and workshops

- Planning local and regional community events and meetings

- Planning vigils and rallies

- Coordinating with environmental, activist and political organizations

- Serving on committees with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Consumer Advocate, municipal and regional committees and more.

- Supporting the efforts of organizations with similar goals

- Testifying at state and federal hearings

- Supporting warrant articles and bills promoting positive change in our towns and state

- Empowering residents to use peaceful means to protect their land and their families

- Roaring Brook civil disobedience affinity group

- Working with "clean energy candidates"


We keep an open line of communication in a fast-paced, highly-charged political arena. Tight support systems and the ability to juggle multiple tasks and issues keep us busy learning, networking and addressing complex issues on a daily basis.


Interested in working with ECHO Action on pipeline opposition or a renewable energy campaign? Volunteer to work with us! Have a special talent or skill? Let us know! Visit our events page and calendar to participate in upcoming events or attend a meeting!


Our gallery showcases some of the work we do!



Holly Koski


Maps & Pipeline Route, Activity Support


Holly is adept at assessing maps and documents. Her skills led to informing the group of an important additional map a company had slipped into a recent document. The overlooked map was critical information that needed to be shared with town residents.

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