Clean Energy March, Philly
Mary Beth with Josh Fox
Rights & Democracy NH
Clean Energy March, Philly
Break Free Albany
Laura with Joseph P. Kennedy
Anne with Jill Stein
Stop Spectra Action
Climate Rally, Manchester, NH
Albany, NY
Winona LaDuke
Gail: Stop Northern Pass
Pulpit Falls Hike, Winchester, NH
NH Democratic Convention, Manchester
Rally at the NH State House
Winchester Festival Pipeline Info
Halloween Pipeline Rally
Pipeline Rally, Concord NH

Activism is action for positive change!


It takes many villagers in many villages to stop pipelines, fracking, oil bomb trains, tar sands and methane leaks. Rise Up, Speak Out, Take Action! Act on climate! Together, we do make a difference!

We sometimes hear, "There's nothing we can do to stop this", "It's a done deal" or "I hear it's coming no matter what we do". The fact is, activists have been taking a stand on fossil fuels, fracking and the poisoning of our air, water, soil, farms and food for quite some time and a lot of progress has been made.


Many called 2015 The Year of the Activist and with each year, participation in our democratic process, peaceful protest and non-violent direct action increase in response to environmental degradation, deregulation, the loss of rights, health and safety risks, war, racism and other injustice. The people are taking to the streets, using their bodies and voices to defend nature, the land and their personal and collective freedoms. The global rise in grassroots organizations speaking out, marching, rallying, writing in response to environmental and social justice issues is moving our nation and planet socially, politically and environmentally. Even the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has commented on this increase in objections to fossil fuel and fracked gas projects. Clearly, we are making a difference!


No experience necessary.

Are you an activist? Many people were never involved in an active campaign for change until their home, family and way of life were threatened by an unwanted project. Activists feel empowered by speaking out, writing and participating in marches, rallies and other actions. They meet new people, learn, and yes, have fun. Not everyone is meant to carry a sign and make noise. We need people from all different backgrounds with all different skills to help. When we meet, march and take action, numbers matter. Won't you join us in the movement to secure a healthy, safe future for all?

Participate in non-violent direct action.

There are so many ways to be engaged and involved. To take it up a notch, become trained in non-violent direct action campaigns. We can help you with a one day training so you can participate in actions around New England with us.

There are many roles to be played. Bear witness, take photos and video, chant, be a support driver, or risk arrest.

"Roaring Brook" Affinity Group

Contact our affinity group coordinator, Sue, to become trained in civil disobedience by the Sugar Shack Alliance or to join our Monadnock Region Roaring Brook affinity group.

Saying no is not enough.

Non-Violent Direct Action

Silent "Die In" at Kinder Morgan Open House in Northfield, MA